University of Kentucky High Tunnel Research Facility

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Production Overview

Our facility focuses on economically profitable, year round diversified crop production by incorporating agroecological practices into Kentucky high tunnel systems. This includes the integration of both traditional high-value crops (i.e. tomatoes) and other highly marketable local produce (i.e. leafy greens, legumes, etc.). The facility is coming to the end of its preliminary establishment, and we are excited to proceed with the important research so many high tunnel growers want. 

Diversified Crop Rotation Plan, 1 year (for a look at what is currently growing and what's next, click here.)

Diversified Crop Planting Dates / Harvest Dates  

Dr. Krista Jacobsen's Presentation, "High Tunnel Design and Crop Considerations," from 2014 KFVGA Conference

For general crop information, check out the annual University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension 2012-13 Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers.

Dr. Kenny Seebold's Presentation, "High Tunnel Disease Problems," from the 2014 KFVGA Conference 

Dr. Ric Bessin's Presentation, "Insect Management with High Tunnels," from the 2014 KFVGA Conference

We employ Integrated Pest Management Practices (IPM) in our tunnels following the principles put forth in multiple Cooperative extension publications that may be found here and here.